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  • New Publications

    The Age of Endarkenment Nick Cater and Brendan O’Neill

    Humans are wealthier, happier and more comfortable than any previous generation thanks to science and technology. So why have we become so gloomy about the modern world and so pessimistic about the future? Why have we lost faith in the capacity of mankind to find solutions to our problems?

    The Enlightenment Made Us Nick Cater

    Nick Cater examines the Enlightenment ideals that helped shape our uniquely Australian culture, and asks whether the pragmatism that characterised the early colonists still exists today, or if it is in danger of being lost to political correctness. 

  • Upcoming Event

    The Annual John Bonython Lecture
    What Are We Fighting For? Islamism And The Threat To Liberal Ideas

    As Australia and the world at large reels in continuing shock from the atrocities and rapidly progressing state-building agenda of the Islamic State terrorist groups, liberal Western values are once again under threat.
    Once again an anti-Enlightenment, anti-democratic, authoritarian movement seeks to subjugate or destroy the free peoples of the world, its ideology incompatible with liberty and peace.


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We told you so.

Research Fellow, Simon Cowan said don't build our submarines in Australia in 2012. 

'Future Submarine Project Should Raise Periscope for Another Look'