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    A Quartet of Freedoms: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Association and Conscience Robert Forsyth, Jeremy Sammut and Peter Kurti

    An aggressive secular culture, combined with the diminished standing of religious organisations in Australia, is putting religious believers under pressure to be silent in the public square. Robert Forsyth and Jeremy Sammut argue that it is necessary now to defend the place of religious liberty in our society and to re-affirm its place alongside other key freedoms that make up this significant quartet. 

  • Recent Report

    Preserving Peace as China Rises II: Preparing for a Post-American Asian Order Benjamin Herscovitch

    With US leadership unable to guarantee peace and security in the Indo-Pacific this century, the region will need to transition to a balance of power system divided between China, the United States, India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). To mitigate dangerously destabilising tensions between these great powers, this report also recommends establishing new Asian security dialogues and communication hotlines between the Chinese National Security Council and its Indian and American counterparts. 


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Research Fellow, Simon Cowan said don't build our submarines in Australia in 2012. 

'Future Submarine Project Should Raise Periscope for Another Look'