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Foreign Policy Analysis


Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) brings together our papers on Foreign policy issues, in particular the work on China, India and the Pacific region.

  • Preserving Peace as China Rises II: Preparing for a Post-American Asian Order

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 01 Sep 2014 | FPA10

    With US leadership unable to guarantee peace and security in the Indo-Pacific this century, the region will need to transition to a balance of power system divided between China, the United States, India...... Read More

  • Preserving Peace as China Rises I

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 13 Mar 2014 | FPA9

    Inventive foreign policy that can simultaneously reassure the Indo-Pacific’s established powers and accommodate Chinese ambitions is urgently needed. This report proposes three complementary strategies...... Read More

  • Accountable Authoritarianism: Why China’s Democratic Deficit Will Last

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 31 Oct 2013 | FPA8

    The Chinese Communist Party’s evolving model of ‘accountable authoritarianism’ is set to prove that prosperity need not produce democracy. By pursuing a moderate reformist agenda within the framework...... Read More

  • Southeast Asia’s American Embrace

    Jessica Brown | 29 Mar 2012 | FPA7

    All Southeast Asian states want to take advantage of the benefits of a rising China, yet none wants it to be in a position to dominate the region strategically. All welcome America’s strategic ‘pivot’...... Read More

  • Malaysian Dilemma: The Enduring Cancer of Affirmative Action

    John Lee | 23 Feb 2011

    In March 2010, Prime Minister Najib Razak announced a New Economic Model (NEM) for Malaysia. These include pledges to wind-back three decades of pro-Malay affirmative action policies that are behind the...... Read More

  • Jakarta's Juggling Act: Balancing China and America in the Asia-Pacific

    Jessica Brown | 03 Feb 2011

    Indonesia is emerging as a significant player in Southeast Asia’s security architecture. Its prime foreign policy concern is the rise of China and its repercussions for regional security. Indonesia is...... Read More

  • Unrealised Potential: India’s ‘Soft Power’ Ambition in Asia

    John Lee | 30 Jun 2010 | FPA4

    This paper makes the argument that India’s enormous ‘soft power’ potential in Asia is based on the fact that a rising India (unlike China) complements rather than challenges the preferred strategic,...... Read More

  • The Fantasy of Taming China’s Rise

    John Lee | 05 May 2010 | FPA3

    In The Fantasy of Taming China’s Rise, Dr John Lee, CIS Foreign Policy Research Fellow, argues that the belief that China will be content to rise as a ‘responsible stakeholder’ in a US led regional...... Read More

  • The importance of India: restoring sight to Australia’s strategic blind spot

    John Lee | 05 Nov 2009 | FPA2

    The paper traces the rise of ‘strategic India’ in Asia, the significance of the remarkable improvement in the US-India relationship, and the rapid progress made in bringing India into the existing...... Read More

  • Why America will lead the 'Asian Century'

    John Lee | 19 Aug 2009 | FPA1

    The beginning of the end of America’s strategic primacy in Asia is commonly predicted. We are supposed to be entering a China-led Asian Century but, the decline of US influence in Asia will occur far...... Read More