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Ideas@TheCentre brings you ammunition for conversations around the table.  3 short articles from CIS researchers emailed every Friday on the issues of the week.

  • Lambie off to bad start with meaningless ANPHA stand

    Helen Andrews | 28 Nov 2014

    On her first full day as an independent, Jacquie Lambie joined three other crossbench senators in pointlessly thwarting the government’s bill to formalise the abolition of the Australian National Preventive...... Read More

  • Health reform needs a 'Plan B'

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Nov 2014

    This is the attitude that advocates of health reform must adopt now that the Abbott government’s co-payment initiative appears doomed to defeat.... Read More

  • Economic liberals should exercise caution in their praise of Narendra Modi

    Trisha Jha | 28 Nov 2014

    Much has been made about Mr Modi’s ‘pro-business’ stance, but developments thus far suggest that enthusiasts of economic liberalism should be more cautious in their praise.... Read More

  • G20 growth plan found wanting

    Robert Carling | 21 Nov 2014

    Every G20 host country likes to have a signature initiative, and Australia's was the Brisbane Action Plan to lift the economic growth performance of all G20 countries in a sustainable fashion. This was...... Read More

  • The Grey Army of early Newstart retirees

    Matthew Taylor | 21 Nov 2014

    The Abbott government chalked up a modest win this week with the first of its social services budget measures passed by the Senate with the help of Labor and Senators Day, Leyonhjelm and Muir. One budget...... Read More

  • The third retirement pillar - home equity and pension inequity

    Simon Cowan | 21 Nov 2014

    The system for supporting retired Australians is said to rest on three pillars: the age pension, superannuation and the family home.... Read More

  • It matters to know who we're up against

    Greg Lindsay | 14 Nov 2014

    This week we were privileged to have Dr David Kilcullen deliver our John Bonython Lecture addressing the global conflict between liberal nations and Islamist militants.... Read More

  • Child Protection: too few adoptions mean too much of everything else

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Nov 2014

    Rather than not doing enough early intervention, the problem with the child protection system is that we have too much of everything.... Read More

  • In defence of diplomatic talkfests

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 14 Nov 2014

    Cynicism about multilateral meetings between world leaders is understandable.... Read More

  • Indexing petrol excise makes it too easy for government to grow

    Robert Carling | 07 Nov 2014

    The Abbott government’s move to increase fuel excise duties without legislation raises questions of legitimacy not just about the way they are doing it but also about the principle of automatically indexing...... Read More

  • Courage is needed right now to fix childcare

    Trisha Jha | 07 Nov 2014

    What cannot be categorically denied is that the burden of the National Quality Framework on providers’ operating costs comes mostly from the increases in mandatory minimum standards.... Read More

  • Helicopter parenting to protect G20 politicians

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 07 Nov 2014

    This is a great opportunity to showcase a little of our local culture — in this case our proud history of political protest.... Read More

  • Government gets B for consistent effort on reforms, but will have to lift its game

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 31 Oct 2014

    The government will have to considerably lift its game to deliver the benefits of real market deregulation to Australian consumers, employers and taxpayers.... Read More

  • Road to hellish environmental concern

    Peter Kurti | 31 Oct 2014

    They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately the Anglican Church of Australia seems to have set out on its own journey to that fiery destination.... Read More

  • No organised and synchronised cabal of anti-public education ‘neo-liberal’ ideologues

    Jennifer Buckingham | 31 Oct 2014

    Educators are a diverse set of individuals who for the most part have the best interests of Australia’s children at heart.... Read More

  • Combating (genuine) poverty need not punish 'the rich'

    Matthew Taylor | 24 Oct 2014

    By defining poverty in these terms, the focus is shifted away from living standards towards income inequality so that poverty can only be eradicated through an extreme policy of income redistribution that...... Read More

  • What is the right standard for success in Iraq and Syria?

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 24 Oct 2014

    It would be unreasonable to expect even the best planned and most honourably intentioned international intervention to fully free Iraq and Syria from internal troubles.... Read More

  • Integrating insurance with health service provision - a volatile partnership

    David Gadiel | 24 Oct 2014

    It is rare for a large provider of medical services to assume control of a health insurance company.... Read More

  • Britain's Pauline Hanson moment

    Peter Saunders | 17 Oct 2014

    Support for classical liberal ideas remains depressingly small in Britain. It is not Hayek the country is starting to embrace with its flirtation with UKIP – it is Hansonism. ... Read More

  • Value of economic education

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 17 Oct 2014

    Rather than simplifying advanced subjects for small kids, we’d be better off teaching small kids to read and count properly so that in high school they are equipped to study any advanced course effectively.... Read More