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  • Jennifer Buckingham
    Research Fellow, Education Program
    Expertise: Schools policy, school funding, school choice, literacy, NAPLAN, teacher quality
  • Robert Carling
    Senior Fellow, Economics Program
    Expertise: taxation, government spending, fiscal policy, federalism
  • Patrick Carvalho
    Research Fellow, Economics Program
    Expertise: Fiscal and monetary policy, financial regulation, global economy and emerging markets.
  • Simon Cowan
    Acting Research Manager & TARGET30 Program Director, Economics Program
    Expertise: Government industry policy and regulation.
  • David Gadiel
    Senior Fellow - Health program
    Expertise: measurement and design in health care and pharmacoeconomics, economic modelling in health, the application of economic analysis to health care delivery
  • Oliver Marc Hartwich
    Adjunct Scholar
    Expertise: local government, housing, European affairs, Industry policy, economics, population growth
  • Helen Andrews
    Policy Analyst
    Expertise: Charities
  • Benjamin Herscovitch
    Adjunct Scholar
    Expertise: China-Australia relations, international development, Asia literacy, social mobility and multiculturalism
  • Peter Kurti
    Research Fellow, Religion and Civil Society Program
    Expertise: Religion and values in civil society, law and religious freedom, ethics
  • John Lee
    Adjunct Fellow, Foreign Policy
    Expertise: China, India, Australian Foreign Policy, Southeast Asia
  • Greg Lindsay
    Executive Director
  • Barry Maley
    Senior Fellow, Social Foundations Program
    Expertise: Family, social policy, welfare state, Australian divorce law
  • Jeremy Sammut
    Research Fellow, Health and Child Protection Program
    Expertise: Australian health system, child protection, social policy issues
  • Peter Saunders
    Senior Fellow, Social Foundations Program
    Expertise: Social policy issues, welfare reform, nanny state, tax reform, poverty
  • Steven Schwartz
    Senior Fellow
    Expertise: Higher Education, Freedom of speech
  • Trisha Jha
    Policy Analyst
    Expertise: Child care policy, Social policy, families, classical liberal ideas

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