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The Centre for Independent Studies is guided by the philosophy of free markets and individual responsibility. Our economic policy research centres on ideas that will strengthen Australia’s economy for the future and challenge the reach of big government.

With ongoing uncertainty for economies around the world, the CIS’ research into financial and monetary issues is more vital than ever in helping shape public policy.

Continuing economic reform is desperately needed in Australia, and that is why our TARGET30 program seeks to reduce waste in government and in the public sector, and to bring government spending under control.

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  1. Public Money: Federal-State Financial Relations and the Constitutional Limits on Spending Public Money

    Anne Twomey, Robert Carling | 29 Oct 2014 | Occasional Papers

    This paper surveys and explains the history of how the Australian Constitution was intended to deal with federal-state financial... Read More...

  2. FEATURE: Why the Fiscal Multiplier is Roughly Zero

    Scott Sumner | 08 Sep 2014 | POLICY Magazine

    Fiscal policy doesn’t work when the central bank stabilises aggregate demand.

  3. FEATURE: Where are Emancipative Values Taking Us?

    Winton Bates | 08 Sep 2014 | POLICY Magazine

    Emancipative values can be consistent with economic freedom.

  4. FEATURE: The Emergence of Free Exchange Rate Regimes—A Personal Account

    Wolfgang Kasper | 08 Sep 2014 | POLICY Magazine

    The Bretton Woods conference is well known, but a lesser known conference set the stage for today’s floating exchange rates.

  5. Sovereignty, Blame Games and Tony Abbott’s New Federalism

    Anne Twomey, Jeremy Sammut, Nick Greiner, Robert Carling | 28 Aug 2014 | Policy Forum

    This volume brings together the four presentations made to a Centre for Independent Studies public forum on reforming the... Read More...

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Opinion & Commentary

  1. Childcare places still come up short

    Trisha Jha | 24 Feb 2015 | Online Opinion

    The Productivity Commission’s report on childcare makes several important recommendations for making the sector more ... Read More

  2. Childcare report a vision of how things could be

    Trisha Jha | 20 Feb 2015 | ABC The Drum

    The Productivity Commission has done a relatively good job with its report on the childcare sector and put together a suite ... Read More

  3. Rorts for the rich are a myth

    Robert Carling | 19 Feb 2015 | Australian Financial Review

    Tax concessions in areas such as superannuation, capital gains and GST are under attack like never before.... Read More

  4. Kelly O'Dwyer Leadership Lunch speech: Looking to the Future - Fairness

    | 16 Feb 2015

    CIS Leadership Lunch speech by Member for Higgins and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer ... Read More

  5. The push for a submarine tender

    Simon Cowan | 13 Feb 2015 | The Strategist

    The government doesn’t seem to understand the words it has been saying on submarines.... Read More

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  1. 40 years of budgets in the rearview mirror

    Robert Carling | 27 Feb 2015

    The federal government's Intergenerational Reports (IGR) have attracted plenty of attention in the past, but nothing like ...

  2. Monday's 'pension increase' a side show to the real reform needed

    Matthew Taylor | 20 Feb 2015

    With the Age Pension projected to account for 12 per cent of the growth in total spending over the medium term there can ...

  3. What lies beneath the waves of government-speak on subs

    Simon Cowan | 13 Feb 2015

    The government doesn’t seem to understand the words it has been saying on submarines....

  4. Let the games begin

    Patrick Carvalho | 13 Feb 2015

    It’s been an inspiring start to my time at CIS....

  5. PPL levy without the PPL?

    Robert Carling | 06 Feb 2015

    Tony Abbott has abandoned his enhanced PPL scheme, but word is that the tax earmarked to pay for it (a 1.5% levy on larger ...

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