1. Saving Medicare But NOT As We Know It

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Apr 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    High growth in health spending is the area of public expenditure that will unsustainably increase the size of government... Read More...

  2. Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 19 Feb 2013 | Issue Analysis

    Government programs to upskill the Australian workforce for the Asian Century are a solution to a non-problem. With more... Read More...

  3. Faraway, So Close: How the Euro Crisis Affects Australia

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 23 Apr 2012 | Issue Analysis

    Europe’s economic crisis has been shaking financial markets for the past three years. Countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal,... Read More...

  4. Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

    Andrew Patterson, David Kirk, Don Turkington, Luke Malpass | 27 Mar 2012 | Policy Forum

    Why are so many New Zealanders flocking to Australian shores, and what can be done to stop the so-called Kiwi ‘brain drain’? In... Read More...

  5. Hands, Mouths and Minds: Three Perspectives on Population Growth and Living Standards

    Stephen Kirchner | 19 Sep 2011 | Policy Monographs

    The long-run relationship between population growth and living standards has been a source of controversy among economists.... Read More...

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Opinion & Commentary

  1. Silver linings in recent youth unemployment data

    Patrick Carvalho | 03 Aug 2015 | Business Spectator

    Despite recent easing, youth unemployment remains worryingly high following a flood of jobless youngsters since the start ... Read More

  2. Tackling a glaring problem in the jobs market

    Patrick Carvalho | 15 Jul 2015 | Business Spectator

    How can Australia best tackle the skills mismatch challenge?... Read More

  3. Pensioners are prudent by relying on taxpayers

    Simon Cowan | 10 Jul 2015 | Newcastle Herald

    Australia is currently having an overdue debate on retirement income policy. However, as the government and opposition both ... Read More

  4. China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: The lump of labour fallacy resurges

    Patrick Carvalho | 18 Jun 2015 | ABC The Drum

    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a landmark victory for Australians, opening up a cornucopia of future ... Read More

  5. Retirement changes focus on the wrong assets, won’t boost incomes

    Simon Cowan | 14 May 2015 | Business Spectator

    The fundamental paradox of retirement is that retiree living standards depend on stable and secure incomes, but most retirees ... Read More

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  1. 3 (wrong) attitudes towards ageing

    Simon Cowan | 31 Jul 2015

    Our population is ageing. This will bring profound economic and fiscal challenges that will require significant changes in ...

  2. Three pillars reform needed to fix pension

    Simon Cowan | 24 Apr 2015

    There are three ‘pillars’ supporting retirement in Australia. Superannuation, the age pension and the family home. If ...

  3. Unions are not always for workers

    Alexander Philipatos | 31 Aug 2012

    The interests of unions are not necessarily the same as the interests of workers, and a union campaign does not always equate ...

  4. Population pessimism is unfounded – and irresponsible

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 24 Aug 2012

    The challenge for Australia is not to stop population growth but to find practical solutions to accommodate it....

  5. Unempirical Asian languages alarmism

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 16 Aug 2012

    Asian languages alarmism should not scare us into expanding current language education programs....

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