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With a belief in smaller government, The Centre for Independent Studies advocates policies that would limit the size of government in Australia.

In our research, we strive for policies that would reduce regulation and promote a healthy civil society, free of the burdens of big government.

How much government do we really want in Australia? How much government do we really need?

As an independent think tank, the CIS is positioned to seriously analyse the reach of big government, while emphasising freedom, responsibility and enterprise.


  1. Sovereignty, Blame Games and Tony Abbott’s New Federalism

    Anne Twomey, Jeremy Sammut, Nick Greiner, Robert Carling | 28 Aug 2014 | Policy Forum

    This volume brings together the four presentations made to a Centre for Independent Studies public forum on reforming the... Read More...

  2. Submission to the National Commission of Audit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Stephen Kirchner, Trisha Jha | 01 Apr 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal government’s Commission of Audit (CoA) was established in 2013 to review the performance and role of government.... Read More...

  3. Conversation with Daniel Hannan

    Nick Cater | 14 Feb 2014 | Transcripts

    Daniel Hannan is one of the leading intellectual forces in British politics.In his latest book, Inventing Freedom: How the... Read More...

  4. Multiculturalism and the Fetish of Diversity

    Peter Kurti | 10 Dec 2013 | Policy Monographs

    Multiculturalism began as a response to the White Australia policy and continues to enjoy public support. But a new, ‘hard’... Read More...

  5. Emergency Budget Repair Kit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Trisha Jha | 21 Nov 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal budget deficit has been described as an emergency. Cutting wasteful programs can save more than $20 billion a... Read More...

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Opinion & Commentary

  1. Abbott, Palmer and Gore - a play in three acts

    Simon Cowan | 26 Jun 2014 | ABC The Drum

    Clive Palmer's climate policy announcement was high theatre but was this play a tragedy or a farce? ... Read More

  2. Canberra should do less, but do what it does well

    Alexander Philipatos | 29 May 2014 | The Australian

    The efficiency dividend has failed to curb the rising cost of the public service.... Read More

  3. Education funding hasn't been cut - fantasy has

    Jennifer Buckingham | 20 May 2014 | ABC The Drum

    The so-called 'cuts' or 'savings' in the federal budget for schools are cuts and savings to budgets that never actually existed.... Read More

  4. Mixed messages on the handout front

    Trisha Jha | 17 May 2014 | The Australian

    When we discuss ending the age of entitlement, often we are wanting to draw a line between those who are morally worthy and ... Read More

  5. Left-Right slogan drowns out debate on federalism

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 10 May 2014 | The Australian

    The National Commission of Audit has certainly proved you can’t please all of the people all of the time.... Read More

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  1. A top-heavy public service

    Alexander Philipatos | 30 May 2014

    What can we do to stem the growth in highly-paid public sector managers and make government agencies more efficient?...

  2. Sharing the budget pain without increasing taxes

    Trisha Jha | 30 May 2014

    To share the budget pain, we must all go without things for which we’ve relied on the government and learn to take greater ...

  3. Minor parties causing a major stir

    Simon Cowan | 23 May 2014

    How do we reform the system to stop the gaming of the preferences system without eliminating the voices of minor parties ...

  4. The bright side of non-competitive IR federalism

    Alexander Philipatos | 24 Apr 2014

    Classical liberals favour competitive federalism over national laws because competition between jurisdictions makes it harder ...

  5. Don't call Brandis' statement a gaffe

    Helen Andrews | 28 Mar 2014

    There is no reason why Brandis’ comments on bigotry should be treated as some sort of gaffe....

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